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When is the Right Time to Build Generational Wealth?

Generational wealth is a financial legacy that’s passed down from one generation to the next. You may have heard of the term before since it’s one of the most important financial milestones to achieve once you’ve reached a certain age.
Likha Residences

Four Reasons to Choose the Best Space to Create and Invest

90% of the world’s millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate. The benefits of starting a real estate portfolio can be significant but you need to choose wisely.
Likha Residences 3-Storey 2F Living and Dining

Finding a Home with More Space to Create

Of all the characteristics that people can ever have, it is creativity that can bring the most fulfillment in our lives. It allows us to imagine, dream and find ways to reach our goals and full potential.
Virtual House Tour with Richard Yap

A Virtual House Tour with Richard Yap

Join singer, actor, businessman and YouTuber Richard Yap as he gives us a tour to witness the breathtaking, timeless architecture that is Likha Residences’ townhome.

CNN Philippines Phil Realty TV Features Likha Residences

On this episode of Philippine Realty TV, featured on CNN Philippines, host Issa Litton together with PHINMA Properties President and CEO Raphael B. Felix discuss Likha Residences.
Building Your Real Estate Portoflio

Building Your Real Estate Portfolio

Watch the 2nd episode of our #RebuildLifeWithLikhaResidences webinar series!
How Well Do You Know Property Law?

How Well Do You Know Property Law?

More than just a home, Likha is an investment for the future. How well prepared are you for building a property portfolio?
Likha Residences Groundbreaking Launch

Phinma Properties Launches Likha Residences

After three decades of providing affordable housing options for Filipino families, PHINMA Properties marks its return to the luxury market.