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Generational wealth is a financial legacy that’s passed down from one generation to the next. You may have heard of the term before since it’s one of the most important financial milestones to achieve once you’ve reached a certain age.

But when is the right time to build generational wealth?

When it comes to cultivating heritage wealth for your children and grandchildren, it’s never too early to start. The sooner you begin, the better your lasting legacy will be, which will ensure the financial security and growth of your family for years to come. If you’re ready to start now, consider your investment options.

What is the best investment to start building wealth?

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed since there are many ways to build generational wealth, but the most solid investment is in real estate assets. This kind of investment has the potential for steady cash flow and appreciating value over time, making it a reliable and proven path to wealth.

Another great feature of real estate investment is that you can actually put your asset to use and not let it sit around gathering dust. Even if you’re buying for investment purposes, you can still choose to live in the home and create unforgettable memories for your children. For this reason, real estate assets have both financial and sentimental value.


What kind of real estate is the best for investment?

Despite how easy it is to acquire real estate, you can’t just buy any property if you want high returns. You have to play your cards right and find the right one that will yield the best gains. One such property that has proven growth potential is PHINMA Properties’ Likha Residences, a high-end residential community nestled in the dynamic yet tranquil area of Muntinlupa that offers high-quality homes inspired by timeless Filipino design.

Though most markets fluctuate, real estate values are quite stable, especially if you buy property in a progressive location like Muntinlupa, where the current zonal value is upwards of Php 100,000 per square meter. The area has enjoyed an almost 20% increase in property value per annum since 2009 and a conservative increase of 10% to 15% in property value from 2019 onwards, according to an independent study done by research firm Cuervo Far East.

The same study presented figures that keenly demonstrate how impressive Muntinlupa’s property growth rates are. In 2009, properties in Ayala Alabang commanded Php 30,000 to Php 32,000 per square meter. Ten years later, in 2019, properties in the same location secured almost Php 72,000 to Php 77,500 per square meter.

Muntinlupa City’s promising financial future

The city has a bright future ahead of it thanks to the many Information Technology (IT) parks and business hubs in the vicinity, as these locations attract tons of foreign and local investors to the area. The addition of more commercial and infrastructure projects such as the Sucat-Alabang Skyway connection project is also further increasing the area’s desirability.

PHINMA Properties’ Likha Residences is situated close to these areas, as well as the bustling business districts of Makati and Bonifacio Global City, which are also experiencing a consistent amount of growth. The project’s proximity to these areas is promising for its viability as an investment, so it’s a great way to build generational wealth.


Likha Residences by PHINMA Properties – Artist’s Illustration


Likha Residences: A reliable and steadfast investment

One of the ways a Likha Residences home can be used as a means of generating wealth is by using it as a rental property. As more businesses crop up in the area, there will be more people looking for a secure home to live in so they can be closer to their workplace and experience the luxe southern lifestyle that Muntinlupa promises.

A home in Likha Residences is likely to appreciate in the future. The longer you hold onto it, the higher returns you can expect. These homes will endure the test of time because each unit is made out of durable materials and designed with a timeless Filipino aesthetic. You can take your pick from three and four-story townhomes with a classic design that transcends time.

Why invest in Likha Residences?

Timeless bahay kubo-inspired design for Filipino families

Every facet of Likha Residences is designed with the end user in mind, from the unit itself to the entire residential community. The development’s amenities, which include a swimming pool, function hall, and fitness gym, inspire a sense of community and foster the Bayanihan spirit inside every Filipino.

The home’s senorita steps staircase considers the family-oriented culture of Filipinos, which is seen in the way many families still live with their older relatives. These stair-steps are wider than the steps found on a typical staircase and built with less space between each riser, making them easier and safer to climb for senior family members and even children.

Another uniquely Filipino touch includes the contemporary take on the banggerahan or traditional dish drying rack, which you can use to store and dry dishware in a practical and sophisticated way. There’s also the unit’s large awning windows, inspired by the classic bahay kubo’s large, flexible windows that let in plenty of sunlight and fresh air into the home.

Organic materials and a classic, earth tone-inspired color palette further emphasize the influence of indigenous lifestyles and native architecture on the property’s design. It’s this quality of workmanship and attention to detail that underscores Likha Residences and makes it a property worth investing in.

House features that promote sunlight and natural ventilation

Each unit has a spacious balcony with a glass railing that enlarges the living space, allowing you to enjoy fresh air, natural sunlight, and scenic views of the surrounding environment. It can serve as a dedicated place for intimate conversations with loved ones or peaceful moments of contemplation. Some units also come with their own pocket garden, perfect for hosting the quintessential Pinoy potluck with families and friends.

More natural light and cool air is seamlessly filtered into the space through clerestory windows strategically situated on the roof, as well as operable louver windows with an insect-repelling screen to prevent rain and flies from entering the home.

PHINMA Properties’ stellar reputation

Likha Residences was conceived by PHINMA Properties, one of the country’s leading real estate developers with a proven track record of quality residential communities. They were awarded Best Boutique Developer of the Year (Luzon) by Lamudi in The Outlook Awards gala in 2019. They were also an HLURB Awardee in 2007 for Best Condominium Design and Leading Developer for Condominium Projects in the National Level.

Guaranteed value for money

Likha Residences is currently the only pre-selling townhouse development in Alabang that offers brand-new houses and lots of impressive sizes at competitive price points. With an average floor area of 237.85 square meters, you’ll be locking in a great pre-selling price for these spacious Likha Residences townhouses before they’re ready for occupancy.

Unparalleled location

Another major driving factor behind the property’s substantial valuation is its strategic location. The rental rates for homes in this area project a 7% increase per annum, according to Lamudi’s price trends for Muntinlupa City. At the moment, a semi-furnished two-storey home in Ayala Alabang Village has a rental asking price of Php 250,000 a month or Php 500 per sqm.

The rental figures for this nearby neighborhood should already give you a good idea of what you can expect to earn should you decide to rent out your property in the future. These numbers will continue to rise as renters and property seekers look for more secure, low-density neighborhoods with a robust community, open spaces, and luxury amenities that Likha Residences provides.

All this data is proof enough that real estate is the way to go when it comes to building generational wealth, and the perfect time to do so is now.

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